The Nantucket Comedy Festival greatly values the support of our corporate sponsors and will ensure to serve as good stewards of your generous gifts. We are committed to delivering valuable benefits and a positive partnership experience. We can customize sponsorships to meet your company’s specific marketing objectives and to help enhance your community public relations strategies.

Funds raised through the Nantucket Comedy Festival support Stand Up & Learn™ (formerly ProjACK Comedy) – an educational program comprised of a series of lessons using video and interactive worksheets to engage students in creative writing, communication, and critical thinking as well as team and confidence building. Stand Up & Learn™ is the first stand-up comedy program developed for high school students, with an emphasis on writing comedic stories and bits. The program is currently being implemented at Nantucket High School, The Gateway School in New York City, the Deveraux Glenholme School in Washington, Connecticut, and at the Cape Code Conservatory.

Ready to become a sponsor? Please contact Alyssa Corry at 508-901-9281 or

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